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At EyeChamp Singapore, we offer a variety of affordable contact lenses that not only correct vision but also prioritize eye health. Our qualified optometrists are on hand for eye checks, ensuring you get lenses that fit well and comfortable.

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Importance of Well-Fitted Contact Lenses

Just like our individual thumbprints, our eye size and shape are unique to everyone. Therefore, when purchasing contact lenses, one should not simply opt for the cheapest option, but rather go for one that fits their eyes and visual needs. At EyeChamp Singapore, our qualified team of optometrists and opticians will perform the necessary eye examinations and measurements to ensure that visual aids dispensed are the best fit. This will prevent eye infections and other conditions such as corneal abrasion.

The Perfect Fit with EyeChamp

Our team of eye care practitioners at EyeChamp Singapore will conduct a preliminary assessment of your eye to determine if contact lenses are suited for you. After which, our optometrists will take corneal measurements, such as the eye curvature through a simple and painless procedure. With the precise imagery of your corneal surface, analysis of light reflections, and accurate measurement of your pupils, you will be given a trial pair of lenses for further evaluation. The fit will be assessed, and follow-up visits are required before a permanent prescription, and the patient ophthalmic record is documented in our system.

Contact Lens Delivery in Singapore

Members of EyeChamp who have their eye records with us can place an order based on their existing prescription and have their contact lenses delivered to their homes in Singapore. For new customers, an eye-check and contact lens fitting with our optometrist is a mandatory procedure before online purchases can be made. Abiding by the Code of Professional Conduct, EyeChamp avoids cheap tactics and only prescribes, dispenses, and fits customers with contact lenses that comply with safety standards approved by the health authorities in Singapore. Therefore, you can rest assured all assessments, procedures, and sales are in accordance with the local guidelines. For more information on our contact lens assessment and fitting, contact us