ZEISS Progressive Lenses

ZEISS Precision Progressive Lenses offer optimum vision support for the near and far zones. Perfectly fitted to the wearer, these lenses are tailor-made just for you, ensuring greater wearer tolerance, faster adaptation and all-around clear vision with the world’s first Digital InsideTM and Adaptation ControlTM Technology.

ZEISS Precision Progressive Lenses are available in four different quality categories – all are fitted to meet your needs and vision profile. The next higher class includes all the benefits of the preceding classes.

ZEISS Progressive Lens Precision Pure with Digital Inside® Technology

  • Caters to your digital lifestyle
  • Strain-free and clear vision for print media and digital device usage

ZEISS Progressive Lens Precision Plus with Adaptation Control and FrameFit®+ Technology

  • Gives you the freedom to select any frame, perfect for the fashionable you
  • Easy adaptation from your previous lenses

ZEISS Progressive Lens Precision Superb with FaceFit® Technology

  • Matches your unique facial anatomy to your eyes, frame and lenses
  • Unlocks your 3D vision

ZEISS Progressive Lens Individual 2 with IndividualFit® and Luminance Design® Technology

  • Tailor made to your individual requirements throughout the day and into the night
  • Choose between 3 lens designs based on your daily activities for optimised vision