FreshKon® Naho 1 Day

10 pieces per pack

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For existing customers who have a record with us, you can select the option ‘Follow Prescription’ and we will issue you based on your last purchase/record with us. If you are not, you need to get your eye-check and contact lens fitting done with our optometrist at EyeChamp. You may still place your order first and we will contact you soonest to arrange an appointment. Disposable contact lenses are medical devices in Singapore and patients are subjected to an eye examination.

Product Description

FreshKon® x Naho 1 • Day

A timeless tale of 5 friends, with her own little stories, each carrying a diverse beauty and effortless style that represent her unique self in this cosmopolitan city. Sharing with us their friendship moments through FreshKon® x Naho collection of lenses that allow each of them to be who they are and the new found confidence that they need with the support of each other! Explore the new wonders of these carefully curated colour lens palette with these 5 women to find the one that best suits you or be bold and explore a different you in every occasion!



Modern Chic: Confident, Classy, Modern
A passionate, driven lady on her way up the corporate ladder. She is confident, classy and always ready to present her best to the world. You will always rely on her for an honest opinion or a word of advice.


Glamour Glitz: Stylish, Independent, Sexy
A stylish socialite, you can find her attending various social events, enjoying all the attention on her. She also cares sincerely about her friends and put in much effort in organising gatherings for everyone that she loves.


Summer Vibes: Outgoing, Fun, Socialable (NEW!)
She’s never one to shy away from letting her personality shine, she is charming and always positive. She loves hanging out with her friends, discussing about anything from movies to the hottest trends. Never a dull moment with her around.


Fresh Beauty: Creative, Adventurous, Carefree 
A creative, free-spirited girl who has a kind heart for animals. She makes a good and reliable friend with her cordial personality. You connect with her easily and everyone just feels so comfortable being around her.


Sweet Lovely: Authentic, Pure, Sweet
A sensitive yet strong girl who wins the hearts of many with her adorable innocent character. She is warm and affectionate and is always with a smile. She is the pillar of the group and you always find yourself confiding in her.

Product Details

Lens type Daily
Base Curve 8.7mm
Diameter 14.5mm
Lenses Per Pack 10 lenses