Professional Eye Check Up Services in Singapore

A comprehensive routine eye check is quintessential in identifying eye conditions. As a primary eye care provider, our in-house team of Optometrists in Singapore will be able to identify common eye infections and diseases. Be it age-related macular degeneration or vision problems such as myopia, our team is qualified and experienced in performing visual examinations, prescribing visual appliance, and provide referrals to other healthcare practitioners.

EyeChamp Optometrists

Eye Checks in Singapore

Several major eye diseases are threatening the vision of Singaporeans – from blurry vision to refractive errors, there is an increasing prevalence of eye-related conditions. Of the many eye conditions, Myopia is a common eye condition that many Singaporeans, both young and old, are being diagnosed with. According to the Ministry of Health in Singapore, an estimated 80 to 98% of locals will be Myopic in the years to come. Myopia control is now of national interest, and EyeChamp promises to deliver in the education, prevention, and detection of such common eye diseases and infection so that you can get the treatment required for better eye health.

What happens during an eye check?

As qualified optometrists and opticians, we conduct basic vision examinations and dispensing of glasses and lenses. All procedures conducted at our Hearing and Vision Centre in Singapore are thus non-invasive and painless. Typically studying parts of the eye, an eye examination includes:

  • Vision tests including refraction
  • Assessing reflexes and muscle function
  • Detection of eye abnormalities for a referral to an ophthalmologist
  • Dispense and fit glasses and contacts to correct vision problems

The importance of eye checks

At EyeChamp, we believe that prevention is better than cure. Regular eye check ups by a professional are important for early detection and treatment – with the aid of our optometrists in Singapore, you can slow down the progression of an identified eye condition. Depending on your age, the frequency may vary but an annual eye examination is minimally encouraged.

Book an Eye Check Up with EyeChamp Singapore

Conducting an eyesight check at home is not reliable. Professional examinations are pivotal in early detection, especially since effective treatment options have been made available with innovations and advancements. Book an eye check up at one of our optical stores in Singapore – Jubilee Square, Waterway Point, and Nex Mall – and allow our professional staff to guide you through your journey to a healthy vision with our range of services and solutions.