Maxi Eyes Magic COLORS Daily Series

30 Lenses/Box

30 Lenses/Box

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For existing customers who have a record with us, you can select the option ‘Follow Prescription’ and we will issue you based on your last purchase/record with us. If you are not, you need to get your eye-check and contact lens fitting done with our optometrist at EyeChamp. You may still place your order first and we will contact you soonest to arrange an appointment. Disposable contact lenses are medical devices in Singapore and patients are subjected to an eye examination.




  1. Mystic Brown
  2. Winter Grey
  3. Ocean Blue

Product Description:

Maxi Eyes Magic Colour Lens give you a new look combined with the convenience, comfort and hassle free handling of a common daily disposable contact lens at a very affordable price.

The contact lens make your eyes bigger and give them a vibrant colorful look with natural brilliance. They are available in Ocean Blue, Mystic Brown and Winter Grey.

These contact lenses are also available with power [0.00] to allow people with a 20/20 vision to benefit from the phenomenal effects Maxi Eyes Colors daily offers.

Please do take note that if both your left and right eye spheres are different, you will be required to purchase at least 2 boxes.

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Product Details

Material HEMA + MAA Copolymer
DK 20.5
Water Content 58%
Base Curve 8.6mm
Diameter 14.0mm
Quantity per Box 30 Lenses/Box